Sustainable Growth Starts Here!

Growing a young food company can be a difficult and costly process. At New Food Strategies we help food companies grow sustainably and quickly. Our 30 years of experience growing food companies allows us to spot the gaps and challenges you will face and provide strategies to overcome them.

Our Process

Everything we do at New Food Strategies is based on our foundation of over 30 years of experience running and supporting growing food companies. Our process for helping you achieve success is no different. We’ve developed a simple process to assist our clients that provides just the right amount of support at every point along the way.

Our Founder

John Geocaris is the founder of New Food Strategies. He is an accomplished food industry executive and led his own food company, Little Lady Foods, as it grew from startup to over $250m in sales, a staff of 1,000, and three production facilities. As a customized co-packer of frozen food products, Little Lady Foods successfully commercialized over 100 products, managed numerous national product rollouts, and worked successfully with some of North America’s largest consumer, private label and foodservice customers.

Our Clients

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