Change of Direction for New Food Strategies

After over 45 years in actively managing and consulting with food companies of all types, I have decided to step back and rethink the future direction of New Food Strategies. Part of this process is based on a desire to have more time to spend with family and grandchildren living nearby, along with the ability to fully enjoy life here in Colorado.

I would still like to be very active in the food industry, but with reduced travel and limited day to day operating  support. The major change I will be making is that New Food Strategies will no longer do traditional consulting but will focus on the following activities.

  • Advisory/Board of Directors Positions
  • Creating a small group of knowledgeable food investors for early-stage opportunities
  • Working with local Colorado food companies on specific growth-related projects
  • Newsletter and other publications with a focus on long term trends and public policy in the food industry
  • Making available recommendations for subject matter experts I have worked with over the years to small food companies that would benefit

These are exciting times in the Food Industry. As the effect of the pandemic unwinds in the coming months, new opportunities will abound in the changed landscape of the industry. 

Another major change for the industry is already apparent in the nearly 50% of the country that is comprised of the millennial and Z generations. This group has decidedly different interests when it comes to specific food products and the environmental issues raised by the current food production system.

A thanks to all of you whom I have met over the first 45 years of my food career. I look forward to continuing our relationship as the firm embarks on this new direction.